How to get St Lucia citizenship

The Saint Lucia Citizenship by investment programme is among the cheapest citizenship by investment (CBI) programmes in the world. A number of countries around the world have implemented investment programmes that allow for the acquisition of alternative citizenship, a second passport, or permanent residency in exchange for an economic contribution to the country’s development, an investment in property or starting a business that would generate new jobs. 

Why should you get a second passport?

Thanks to CBI programmes, individuals who are willing to invest in those have the opportunity to obtain a second passport or a residency visa that allows them to achieve their goals. Obtaining citizenship or a residency permit can allow you and your family greater mobility in the European Union (EU), the United Kingdom (UK) and the United States (US).

There are also other advantages that come with ensuring dual citizenship, such as being able to plan the education of your children in a foreign country, plan your retirement and take advantage of new business opportunities while protecting your family’s future.

Your quick guide to Saint Lucia

St. Lucia is a nation in its own right, a self-governing territory with its own government, and a sovereign state. Queen Elizabeth II is the head of state. 

St. Lucia is an island republic that is a member of a band of volcanic islands known as the Lesser Antilles. This line of islands may be found in the Eastern Caribbean.

The last volcanic explosion took place in 1766, hence the volcanoes are currently regarded to be in a dormant state. People come from all over the world to experience the natural hot springs that are found atop the island’s volcanoes, which are now considered to be a popular tourist attraction.

St. Lucia is a very small island, measuring approximately 43 kilometers (26 miles) in length and 23 kilometers (14 miles) in width, but it boasts an extraordinarily diverse topography. St. Lucia is an island of pristine beauty, with its beaches of powdery white sand and its verdant jungles.

The Citizenship by Investment (CBI) program was first introduced by the government of Saint Lucia in  2016. The program makes it possible for non-Caribbean investors and their families to become citizens of Saint Lucia. Citizenship grants applicants access to all of the privileges that come along with owning a Saint Lucian passport. 

What are the Saint Lucia Golden Visa Investment Options?

Saint Lucia has several investment options available for citizenship. You can review the options’ list below:

saint lucia golden visa investment options list

Taxation in St Lucia

Taxes in St Lucia are low when compared to the taxation in the European Union or the US. You can review the tax bands below:

tax bands in st lucia

How Holborn’s advisers can help you

Dual citizenship has numerous advantages for foreign nationals, particularly in European countries.

The application process, on the other hand, can be difficult. It can be beneficial to have an expert guide you through the process and ensure that all of your paperwork is in order.

Holborn’s team of specialists offers clients a complete end-to-end service for obtaining residency and citizenship anywhere in the world.

We collaborate with some of the world’s most reputable programs, including the Saint Lucia Citizenship by Investment Programme.

You can be confident that you are in good hands with our award-winning client service and expert advice. Contact us today using the form below to learn how we can assist you in obtaining your golden visa.

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