Citizenship by investment secures visa-free travel to 180+ countries

Global Residency and Citizenship by investment programmes open up many international opportunities for you and your family.

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    Benefits of second citizenship

    Make borders a thing of the past

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    Visa-Free Travel

    Getting a second passport from a European, Caribbean or Oceanic country can allow visa-free travel to 180+ countries across the globe.

    Business Opportunities

    Applying for a Second Passport or Golden Visa allows you to increase your business footprint on an international scale. Issues such as travel become more manageable, allowing you to focus on your global business goals.

    Save Time

    A Second Citizenship or Investor Visa can help you can avoid the lengthy processes of visa applications and complications of travel to a wide variety of destinations.

    Back-up Plan

    Having a Plan B is always a good idea. Gaining second citizenship or residency through investment, allows you and your family the flexibility you need to travel at short notice.

    Tax Benefits

    Most citizenship by investment programmes are in low tax jurisdictions. Citizens can benefit from savings on Income Tax, Net Worth Tax, Inheritance Tax & Capital Gains Tax.


    A second passport in a European country opens up a wealth of opportunities. You and your family can live, work, and study in some of the world’s leading institutions.

    Residency Programmes

    Here’s a selection of our Residency by Investment opportunities

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    Citizenship Programmes

    Here’s a selection of our Citizenship by Investment opportunities

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    About us

    Here’s a bit more about the team behind Holborn…

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    Established in 1998, Holborn Assets is a leading global financial services company delivering a superior experience to our circa 20,000 clients, via our 8 international offices, all supported by over 450 personnel. A British family-owned and run company, we have always taken pride in applying a holistic approach with our clients’ global needs, from citizenship & residency to wealth management, international real estate, insurance & tax planning, and much more.

    Holborn’s residency and citizenship programme helps individuals and families to secure their future and enhance their personal and business freedom. Helping our clients pursue the best possible investment to achieve their global mobility requirements lies at the forefront of our priorities.

    Through our global partnership network with prestigious and well renowned law firms, developers, and financial institutions, we are able to provide comprehensive solutions for our clients’ citizenship and residency needs – ensuring their goals are met as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

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