Residency by Investment in Cyprus

  • Route to EU citizenship after five years
  • Access to free public healthcare
  • Freedom of movement with the Schengen Area
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Minimum Investment Amount


Processing Time

2-4 months

Key Residency Benefit

Route to citizenship

Why is Cyprus a popular investment location?

Cyprus is located in the eastern Mediterranean Sea and is known as the birthplace of Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love.

Whether you plan on living or visiting, the island country has a lot to offer, including 300 days of sunshine per year, beautiful scenery and pristine beaches. Cyprus is also home to historical sites dating back 11,000 years.

Cyprus is part of the European Union (EU) with a large international community, excellent schooling and university facilities, healthcare and infrastructure.

About the Cyprus Residency by Investment programme

The Cyprus Permanent Residency Programme is a residency by investment (RBI) scheme aimed at non-EU citizens.

The programme has proved highly successful, allowing applicants and their families to secure permanent residency in a safe and stable EU country.

The Cyprus Permanent Residency Programme offers a wide range of investment options and fast processing time. The average processing time for application is between two and four months.

Applicants also benefit from increased freedom of movement within the Schengen Zone and the ability to apply for Cypriot citizenship after five years.

What are the Benefits of Residency in Cyprus?

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Efficient and straightforward process

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Low minimum stay requirements

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Access to a favourable tax system

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Path to EU citizenship after five years

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Access to free healthcare

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Lifetime residency without needing to renew

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How to obtain Residency in Cyprus

Real estate investment options

The applicant may purchase up to two units (apartments or houses). These must be purchased as a first-time sale directly from a developer, and upon the submission of the application, at least €200,000 (excluding VAT) needs to have been paid.

Alternatively, purchase commercial properties worth a total value of €300,000, either new or resale. This can include offices, shops, hotels, related estate developments or a combination of these options.

Invest in a Cypriot company's share capital

Make an investment worth €300,000 in the share capital of a company registered in the Republic of Cyprus. The company must be based and operating in Cyprus with a proven physical presence and at least five employees.

Invest in units of a Cypriot investment fund

Invest €300,000 in units of Cyprus collective investment organisations, such as alternative investment funds etc.

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Key Benefit of Residency in Cyprus

Applicants have the right to a lifetime of residency in Cyprus, provided they visit the country at least once every two years. There is no renewal process that needs to be completed.

For those who decide to reside in Cyprus, there is the added benefit of being eligible to apply to be a Cypriot citizen after five years. Those who become citizens can still maintain their other citizenship(s).

Citizenship in Cyprus means applicants are granted European Union (EU) citizenship. Holding an EU passport brings with it multiple benefits.

Benefits include the ability to live, work and study anywhere in the EU and visa-free travel to over 170 countries. Additionally, children of Cyprus citizenship holders under the age of 18 are also granted citizenship.

Frequently asked questions

The programme grants a permanent residence permit, meaning there is no renewal process. For the residency permit to remain valid, applicants must visit Cyprus once every two years.

Cypriot residents who are non-tax residents do not pay taxes on their worldwide income. This includes tax on dividend income and capital gains tax. Only income from assets in Cyprus, such as rental income, is liable for tax.

To be eligible for the Cyprus Permanent Residency Programme, the primary applicant requirements are:

  • Be a non-EU national, non-EEA and non-Swiss
  • Be over 18 years old
  • Have a clear criminal record from their country of residence
  • With their spouse, they possess a secure annual income of at least €30,000. This increases by €5,000 for each dependent person and by €8,000 for each applicant’s parent. This income must be derived from abroad, apart from in specific circumstances.

Family members can be included in the application. The principal investor can include:

  • Spouse
  • Children under the age of 18
  • Children between the age of 19 to 25, provided they are dependent, not married and students*
  • Dependent parents of the applicant or the spouse
  • *Once the children obtain the residency permit, this permit is valid indefinitely even if they exceed the age of 25 and even if they do not remain unmarried and/or students and/or financially dependent on their parents.

    Which programme is right for you?

    Citizenship or Residency Programme?Citizenship or Residency Programme?Residency
    Minimum Investment AmountMinimum Investment Amount€300,000
    Minimum Stay RequirementMinimum Stay Requirement1 day every 2 years
    Initial Permit DurationInitial Permit DurationLifetime
    Time to ResidenceTime to Residence2 months
    Time to CitizenshipTime to Citizenship5 years
    Family Inclusion?Family Inclusion?Spouses & children under 25
    Right to Work?Right to Work?Yes
    Type of Document ReceivedType of Document Received?Residency permit, leading to passport
    No. of Visa-Free Countries with Passport?No. of Visa-Free Countries with Passport?180

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