Residency by Investment in UAE

  • Live, work and study in the UAE
  • Favourable tax system
  • Visa valid for up to 10 years
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Minimum Investment Amount


Processing Time

2 weeks

Key Residency Benefit

Favourable tax system

Why is UAE a popular investment location?

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is comprised of seven emirates, including Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Even though it is a relatively young country, the UAE has established itself as one of the most attractive business centres in the world. The country is often in the top percentile for economic performance and innovation. It provides excellent business and investment opportunities for its residents and a good quality of life.

The UAE is also a hub for expats. Most of the country’s population is made up of foreigners, with only 12% of the people living in the UAE being Emirati.

About the UAE Residency by Investment programme

The UAE Golden Visa was initially launched in 2019, with changes to the programme being approved by the government in 2022.

These amendments have expanded the opportunities for individuals who previously were not eligible to obtain a UAE residence permit.

As well as other benefits, the UAE Golden Visa grants successful applicants the right to live, work and study in the UAE. Golden Visa holders can also maximise their wealth potential, thanks to a favourable tax system for residents. This includes no income tax and minimal corporate tax.

What are the Benefits of Residency in the UAE?

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Live, work and study in the UAE

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Visa is valid for up to 10 years

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No sponsorship needed

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Favourable tax system

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Quick and straightforward process

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Exclusive health care packages

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How to obtain Residency in the UAE

Real Estate

There are several categories that are eligible for the Golden Visa, however the most popular and straight forward is the Real Estate Investor option. Real estate investors can obtain a Golden Visa by purchasing:

  • A minimum equity investment into a property of 273,000 USD / AED 1 Million. The property must have a minimum value of 545,000 USD / AED 2 Million
  • A property with a mortgage and with at least AED 1 Million equity paid to the developer already
  • One or more ready-built or off-plan properties with a combined value of a minimum of AED 2 Million

Holborn’s affiliated entity Archway has a wide selection of projects available to assist potential investors in their investment choices and find the choice that is the best possible fit for them and their families.

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Key Benefit of Residency in the UAE

The UAE Golden Visa allows foreign nationals to obtain a long-term residency visa by making a qualifying investment.

As UAE tax residents, investors benefit from a favourable tax system, which includes no capital gains, inheritance or income tax. There is also very little corporate tax to pay.

As a result, Golden Visa holders can maximise their wealth potential by optimising their tax situation without living in the country full time.

Unlike other UAE immigration visas, the applicant can remain outside of the UAE for longer than six months without losing their Golden Visa status.

Frequently asked questions

Unlike other UAE immigration visas, which are usually valid for only 2-3 years, the UAE Golden Visa is a 10-year visa.

To meet the eligibility criteria, applicants must:

  • Be in good health
  • Have enough funds to make the investment

The UAE Golden Visa grants long-term residency to foreign investors, not citizenship directly.

However, certain Golden Visa holders may be eligible to apply for citizenship if they have provided exceptional services to the country. Citizenship is granted on a case-by-case basis by the UAE government.

The principal investor can include others on the application. Those eligible are:

  • Spouse
  • Children up to the age of 25
  • Parents
  • Unlimited number of domestic helpers

Which programme is right for you?

Citizenship or Residency Programme?Citizenship or Residency Programme?Residency
Minimum Investment AmountMinimum Investment Amount$110,000
Minimum Stay RequirementMinimum Stay RequirementN/A
Initial Permit DurationInitial Permit Duration10 years
Time to ResidenceTime to Residence2 weeks
Time to CitizenshipTime to Citizenship30 years
Family Inclusion?Family Inclusion?Spouse, children up to 25, parents & domestic helpers
Right to Work?Right to Work?Yes
Type of Document ReceivedType of Document Received?Residency permit
No. of Visa-Free Countries with Passport?No. of Visa-Free Countries with Passport?0

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